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Jenna is always in the driver seat when it comes her life and she doesn’t always need a passenger to make her happy. She takes away the beauty of these cars by being beside them. I figured she would like these series of pics because she likes cars. 

Instagram pictures

I won’t be linking any Instagram pics because Jenna keeps having to make a new account like every week. I’ll use ones I like for Jenna Shea picture of the day. 

She has the body of Anna NIcole and the face of Marilyn. She is an immortal beauty. Hopefully she won’t have a tragic ending.

Jenna told me to update the Tumblr!

I told her that I run this Tumblr so I don’t lose her on Facebook. She must have stopped by because she told me to update the site! Yeah, I’ve been slacking on this. I’ll try to do better. 





SMOOTH Girl 100 | Smooth Magazine Online

Vote for Jenna Shea for the top of the Smooth Girl 100!!! If you refresh your browser, you can vote for her five more times!!

Even Slim Shady loves Jenna Shea! 

Even Slim Shady loves Jenna Shea! 

All by myself #nyc

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